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Carham Parish, Northumberland, United kIngdom

St.Cuthbert's Church, Carham

Here you will find service times and information for St. Cuthbert's Church

Records show that a small Abbey was founded at Carham, adjacent to the site of the present church, but this was destroyed by Wallace in 1296, during one of his Border raids.

In the 16th century a small Anglican church was built, taking the name of St. Cuthbert as its Patron Saint. This church was late rebuilt in something approaching its present form in 1790-91. The West Tower, the Chancel and the present Vestry were all added about 1862-64. This gave a capacity of about 110 in its Box Pews. Until 1945, Carham enjoyed its own full time incumbent.

Today there are 4 parishes; Norham; Cornhill; Carham and Branxton, sharing a team ministry. In 2002-4, major repairs were undertaken to the tower after hugh cracks had appeared. The whole tower was taken down and rebuilt at a cost of £150,000. The money was raised thanks to some energetic fund raising and a major donation from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

St Cuthbert's Church enjoys an idyllic position on the banks of the River Tweed, just 200yds (183 metres) from Scotland.

The daffodils in April are a sight to be remembered.




St. cuthbert's carham service timeS



Sunday 25th February

11am - Morning Worship

Sunday 11th March 

11am - Morning Worship

Sunday 25th March

11am - Morning Worship

Sunday 1st April (Easter Sunday)

11am - Morning Worship followed by short Communion Service

Sunday 8th April 

11am - Morning Worship 

Sunday 22nd April 

11am - Morning Worship  

 Sunday 29th April (Rogationtide)

 11am - Joint Service at St Helen's, Cornhill











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