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Carham Parish, Northumberland, United kIngdom


Battle of Shidlaw in 833, a fierce skirmish took place between Saxons and invading Danes at Shidlaw, (Shield Law). The Saxons suffered heavy losses, including 11 Bishops and 2 English "Counts".

(Source text: Sir Thomas D. Straker-Smith, 1954 "A short history of Carham").

Shidlaw Tower: In the early 1500's, the Prior of Kirkham Priory provided the villagers of Carham with a "little tower of defence against the Scots, of no real strength, without Barmekyn* or iron gate, intended for emergency refuge". It lasted less than 50 years. The tower and it's site are lost without trace. Probably the same as Carham Pele Tower.


*Barmekyn (Barmekin; Barmkin, or Barnekin): A medieval defensive enclosure found around smaller castles, Tower houses, Pele towers and Bastle houses in Scotland. As well as a residence, outbuildings were also included, plus a place to protect livestock during cattle raids. From the Roman Barbican, meaning an outer fortification of a city or castle.

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