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east learmouth

Also known as NEW LEARMOUTH, is a hamlet at the junction of four roads, 3.75 miles east of Carham.

Mainly now a farming village, East Learmouth can be traced back as a Roman campsite, likely dating from around the 1st century. However the modern name dates back only as far as AD1177, where it first appeared in a document as: Leuremue, an old English name meaning: "mouth of the stream where the rushes grow"

In the early 20th century East Learmouth boasted not only a farmer (William Davidson), but also supported a Blacksmith (John Kerr), and a Joiner (Robert Smith), who lived in "Panama Cottage!"

Carham Cross, a memorial to those who lost their lives during the war, and pictured above, (and at the top of all the Carham Community website pages), is situated close to East Learmouth hamlet.

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