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battle of carham

The battle of Carham was fought in 1018 between King Malcolm of Scotland and Earl Uchtred of Northumbria, who was killed in combat. The battle resulted in a victory for the Scots and also that the Scottish Border became established at the River Tweed. The location of the battle is traditionally placed to the south of the River Tweed, between Wark and Cornhill, rather than at Carham itself.


*Source: - National Monuments Record



None of the information however is conclusive, and the exact location of the battle (and even the year it took place), is still unproven. A new group has been set up to try and uncover more clues to the battle, which saw the Border between Scotland and the North of England defined as the River Tweed. This group: The Carham1018 Society, now has its own website, where the progress of this project can be followed.

Visit the Carham 1018 Society Website HERE


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